代表取締役 春日井 一重

We have promoted business expansion and personnel training with dreams and goals targeted at the new century. We have installed modern facilities and we are now making steps toward further development for the purpose of stabilizing the foundation of our company. We heartily thank our customers and other related concerns for their guidance and cooperation which have enabled us to make this new start.
We will keep on doing our best to further develop our company as a manufacturer that can harmonize personnel with technologies. It is our great pleasure to manifest our will of trying to develop this district through our business activities, for we have loved this region since the startup of our business. Nothing has been more important for us than to contributing to the development of this district.
Toward this objective, we will make daily efforts to create talent and an enterprise contributing to the region.
We appreciate your further cooperation with us in guiding us in this direction.


Kazushige Kasugai , Representative director


新的时代 , 打造新的梦想与目标。 回顾过去 , 我们春日井以事业的壮大与员工的培养为己任 , 不断更新设备 , 寻求发展。 我们能够取得这样的发展 , 完全是承蒙客户的鞭策及有关同仁的厚爱。 在此表示衷心的感谢。
展望未来 , 我们将一如既往的不断追求人与技术的完美结合 , 实现企业的不断升级。 我们深深的爱着这片土地 , 这一方热土的繁荣是我们最大的愿望。 我们将秉承这一创业以来的愿望 , 将事业的发展回报给这一片土地。
发展的道路依旧任重道远 , 请一如既往的给予我们鞭策与指导。


春日井 一重 执行董事